Using Accessories To Transform Your Outfits.

Hey style tribe,

In this post, I’m discussing one of the simplest tricks for elevating any outfit you put together..accessorizing! Having a few key accessories (of your taste and preference of course) in your wardrobe is so important. Not only do these pieces help you to make even better use of your clothes, when used the right way, they can also help you turn any outfit from a potential ‘snore’ to a definite wow! If accessorizing is an area you struggle with, then this post is for you! Join me below as I round up 5 simple steps you can use to employ this style hack into your own wardrobe.

1. Add colour with your accessories.

Using accessories to add colour to an outfit is great way to elevate the look, especially for persons who shy away from colour or prefer more muted tones such as black, white and grey in their clothing. Infuse some wow into these ensembles by adding a dash of colour with a scarf, handbag, shoe, jewelry piece or lipstick shade (the choices are really endless). When accessorizing this way, be careful not to overdo. Adding one or two colours to your outfit adds just enough jazz to any look. If you are new to colouring, use a colour wheel to help guide you on what colour pairings work well together.

2. Mix your metals.

If flashy fashion accessories aren’t your thing, a nice way to add some sparkle to any look is by mixing your metal based jewelry. To do this, pair your warmer toned gold or brass jewelry such as necklaces or bracelets with a cooler silver piece. When mixing metals, it’s good to make one shade dominant. So for example if you are from the warmer toned family, using your warm gold or brass metal pieces as the dominant shade and including one or two silver accent pieces would be a perfect mix to add some shine to any outfit.

3. Throw in ONE trendy piece.

Opinions may vary here, but in my opinion adding one on trend accessory piece to your outfit, whether it be a casual tee and jeans or your favourite LBD, is really all you need to spruce up your look. The choices of trendy accessory pieces are endless and may include statement necklaces, earrings, rings or a bug cuff, depending on the seasonal trends. However, once you’ve chosen the piece, the rest of your accessories should ideally be minimal and serve as accents for that piece.

4. Belt it.

One of the simplest and most effective accessories for pulling any outfit together is the belt. Belts are great for polishing off any look and also give the added benefit of creating a more defined waist. So if you haven’t already, add a few statement belts into your closet rotation. I promise you won’t regret it!

5. Get a good manicure.

And for my last and possibly most important tip, get a good manicure. So often overlooked, a good manicure is one of the most important accessories to any outfit you wear. If you think about it, unless you’re into wearing gloves, your hands are always on display no matter the outfit. So having those babies taken care of is a critical factor when it comes to your wardrobe. Of course how flashy you take your manicure is all up to you and your preferences, but a simple clean manicure will always do.

And that’s it for this post. I do hope it helps anyone who might have been struggling in the accessory department. Remember the first and only rule really is that whatever accessory you do choose, like your style, should reflect you. Once you’ve nailed that down, the rest should be easier. Let me know if you have any go to accessorizing tips. I’d love to hear them in the comments below.

Until then, stay stylish my friends 🙂

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