The Rise of ‘Cottagecore’

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Cottagecore is a fashion and lifestyle movement that is very popular right now. The trend which re-emerged back in 2018, has gained a lot of traction during the Pandemic ‘stay at home’ period and is now all over social media platforms such as tik-tok and Instagram.

So what is Cottagecore? describes cottagecore as an idealized lifestyle that romanticizes rural country living and all the activities that come with it, including raising farm animals, gardening and practicing traditional forms of crafts such as crotchet. The trend is said to have found its roots in other trends such as ‘grandmacore’ (aka grandmillenial style), ‘farmcore’ and ‘fairiecore’.

What led to its rise during the Pandemic?

The Pandemic and subsequent implementation of mandatory lock-down periods across the world has led to a period of ‘gloom’ for many. The need to escape from this daunting reality is what has been tipped as one of the main reasons for the rise of cottagecore. According to Amelia Ansink, accessories editor for Fashion Snoops, “Cottagecore unintentionally represents the ideal quarantine life, where isolation in nature is striven for”.

So how does all of this translate to fashion?

Cottagecore has brought with it, its very own style and fashion aesthetic which is dainty, romantic and soft at its core. Some of the key features of this trend include flowy prairie dresses and skirts, puffy sleeves, ruffles and big pockets. Popular colors of the trend are faded browns, baby pinks, olive greens and maroons. Wearing nature inspired prints are also key to cottagecore fashion, so floral prints are also quite popular. When it comes to accessories, clogs, sun hats and floral accessories can be used to complete the look.

Feeling the cottagecore trend..

If this trend has peaked your interest, you are definitely not alone. Like I said before the aesthetic has found it’s way into many wardrobes. Feel free to head over to an online shopping site dedicated to this trend and check out some of their beautiful cottagecore inspired pieces. You just might find something worth adding to your own wardrobe.

And that’s it for this post. As always I would love to hear your thoughts. Have you heard of cottagecore before? How do you feel about the trend? Pour it all out in the comments below 🙂

Till then. Stay safe and stylish (whatever that means to you) my friends!

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