Some Personal Style Myths.

Personal Style is more about the individual and less about the clothes.

My beautiful style tribe,

As a personal stylist one of the first steps of my journey with clients is to help them discover and understand their personal style. However, what I have discovered after working with a few of them, is that many women have a few misconceptions of what personal style is. Today, I want to clear up some of these misconceptions and bust some of those personal style myths.

Myth #1 Personal style is about having a lot of clothes.

One of the first complaints that I hear from women when it comes to their style, is that they don’t have enough clothes to be stylish. I’m here to tell you today that your personal style has nothing to do with the amount of clothes in your closet. Your style is about the way that you use clothes and accessories to express who you are. The truth is you can have a very compact wardrobe with a few choice pieces. What becomes more important is learning how to use these few pieces to create outfits that reflect your unique style.

Myth #2 To have great personal style, you must spend a lot of money.

Some of my most stylish and commented on pieces are those items that I have thrifted. That’s right, the amount of money spent has nothing to do with your personal style. Sure, there are some items you might want to spend a little more on, but spending a lot of money is in no way a requirement for having great personal style. Your focus should be finding items that suit your style, fit your unique body shape and meet your daily style needs.

Myth # 3 You need to be a size ‘S’ to be stylish.

This has to be one of the biggest lies about personal style floating around out there, and yet it could not be any further from the truth. Personal style and being stylish is for EVERY size. The reality is that no matter the size, many women struggle with their style if they haven’t figured out what works for their body. What becomes more important is for you to know and understand the clothes that are going to accentuate your body and enhance your natural body shape. Once you have that covered, creating a perfect style for you becomes that much easier.

So, ladies as I leave you, I plead with you to leave these myths behind. All they are doing is holding you back from embracing your true style potential. If this is something that you are struggling with however, feel free to reach out to me on any of my socials (@asrstylett) or email

Till we connect again, remember this: Style that makes you feel good, that’s the goal!

Your friend and stylist,



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