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Over the past few months, for many of us, our work from home wardrobe has largely consisted of comfy lounge wear. However, as places of work begin to reopen and we start to return to the office, I thought it would be a perfect time to explore some ideas of work wardrobe additions that can help to give your work wear a stylish update. Read on to see the list I’ve put together of some trendy work pieces that can definitely help you breath some fresh air into your work wardrobe.

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1. The waistcoat

A wardrobe piece that has returned in a big way this year to women work wear fashion is the waistcoat. These stylish beauties have been a hit on many runway shows this year including Louis Vuitton and Burberry, and they’re sure to be a hit in your wardrobe. Styling possibilities for them are endless which is something you should demand from any wardrobe addition. They can be worn as part of a three piece suit; thrown over a white blouse and paired with a pencil skirt; or paired with the also trendy pinstriped pants. Waistcoats come in a variety of colours. However, opting for standard colours such as black, white or grey may provide you with a bit more versatility.


2. Pinstripes

As mentioned above, pinstripes are also very trendy in women work wear right now. A personal favourite of mine (yes I might have already added a piece or two to my wardrobe), I find the pattern to bring a level of sophistication to whatever work outfit it’s incorporated in. Though they’ve been a longstanding feature of women’s work wardrobe for some time now, the trend is now being provided in fresh stylish forms such as blazers with a cinched belted waistline and loose silhouettes in pants and suiting.

3. The Silky Slip Skirt

If you’ve been looking for an out to wearing two-piece or three-piece suits to work everyday, this wardrobe piece may be just what you need. Though admittedly more on the non-traditional side when we speak of women work wear, the silky slip skirt is worth exploring as a possible wardrobe addition. The skirt is a really versatile wardrobe piece (works well with blazers, fine knits or a nice shirt) and provides a graceful and stylish finish to any item it’s paired with.

4. Puffed sleeves

If you haven’t noticed this trend, you haven’t been looking, it’s everywhere and it should be in your work wardrobe too! Puffed sleeves are popular features in work blouses and dresses right now. Personally I love how the style pairs with a pencil skirt and work stylish.

5. The Power Suit

The Power Suit has been a central theme of women work wear for what seems like forever. However, the update to this look in your wardrobe is in its colours, patterns and textures. So, if power suits are your thing, update your look by getting them in some bright punchy colours like cobalt blue or your favourite shade of yellow or trying out some different prints such as checked or animal prints.

And that’s my list for you today. Remember updating your style in no way means you have to attempt to recreate your entire wardrobe (really who has the cash for that right now!). Most times, it really just takes the addition of a few carefully chosen wardrobe pieces. So, let me know what you think of my recommendations. I’d also love to hear if you have been updating your work style and if so, what items have you added. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Till then, stay stylish my friends.

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